before and after a earthqauke, hotel  then Then the green courtyard split by the pavement lead to the doors. The reception desk sat in the middle of the room, people buzzing around the building. I remember luggage bags being transported from the valet parking to the luggage elevator. On the second floor was the bar. […]

touching the void into thin air into the wild alive what extremes do people go to to survive when they are in life or death situations. in these four texts “Touching The Void”, “Into Thin Air”, “Into The Wild” and “Alive” I will show and explain the extremes the characters went through in their life […]

Describe at least one important technique used in the written text. Explain how this technique helped you to understand one or more key ideas. Techniques: symbolism -the rope joe simpson the author of touching the void who has many close calls while climbing the mountain of Siula Grande. significant connection is the rope. the rope […]

  “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” imagine if you were one of the worlds biggest sporting sensations just at age of 15 and still have the rest of your career to spend today i […]

in chapter 6 the text explains the men attempting to get down the mountain but it as not as easy as they thought as they are faced with difficult situations and problems. at the start of the text it shows how simon is lowering joe of the cliff and this creates tension as simon is […]

state your point / topic (first sentence) : simons narration is significant because expand with relevant background detail : simons narration is told through joes perspective, however simon validated joes account as “far and correct.” simons “voice” reveals that he resented joes injury and that he felt justified in distancing himself from joe. examples (specific) […]

language and writing styles or techniques were used to create an image in the readers mind about how bad joe injured his knee and this was displayed by descriptive language and hyperboles like for example when he has fallen and he is screaming because he is in imense pain as thougths rushing through his head […]

I think that both Joe and Simon would have felt a type of achievement when they reached the summit.When Joe talks about succeeding I think it would mean that he would succeed in themselves because both him and Simon had a dream or a goal that they wanted to accomplish and both did, to a […]

the technical jargon is not always explained but is placed in context because as readers we have an idea of the climbing terms as we have heard them before revealing the words in the text without explanation as to what the words means. technical jargon is used to show people such as the climbers and […]

the relationship between joe and simon in this chapter shows that they must work together and trust each other in the situations they are put in. this relationship is strong because the two men are climbing together and making decsions together which either put them in life or death situations. the men have been climbing […]