“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”

imagine if you were one of the worlds biggest sporting sensations just at age of 15 and still have the rest of your career to spend

today i will be talking about a young boy named Pele who grew up to become a sensation in the football world.

Pele ,his real name was Edson Arantes do Nascimento. His parents gave him the nickname dico and then got the name “Pele” in school because of the pronounciation of his favourite player “Bile” who was a local goalkeeper. This nickname pele stuck and he was soon called pele by everyone later in his career.

When he was a young child living in the state of Sao Paulo of brazil he could not afford boots or a ball as his family was poor he would play soccer shoeless with a sock filled with rags or newspaper. Growing up with only his dad to teach him, he joined the local junior club and they went on to win 2 state championships thanks to Pele.

At the age 15 he was taken to Santos for a trial for the Santos FC. by his junior team coach and his coach told the staff at santos he would be “the greatest player in the world”. Pele dazzled and stunned the santos head coach and was then accepted into the club and signed a professional contract. Resulting from this he was said to be a future superstar from media and resulting from this he proved he was to become a great from his performances for Santos.

When he was 16 he had become the top goal scorer in the league and signed a contract to join the Brazil national team. While he was spending his time in the national team playing with men way older and bigger than him it was a struggle for him to fit in and play the style of team as he played a different style for his other team/club. Pele found it hard to be in a team which such experience being the youngest and the new kid in international games he would struggle with the strength against the bigger older opposition and despite being the youngest player with amazing talent he could not produce this on the pitch as he was smaller and lacked physicality causing him to loose the ball easily. He would have to adapt to the teams system and that is what he did and he became a star,

Throughout his career pele stunned and displayed the greatness of football he had and he became the best player in the world setting many records that still stand to this day he was is and was the youngest player ever to score and win the world cup just at the age 17. His career goals were 1283 total goals in 1363 games and pele became the king of football and is associated with the phrase “The Beautiful Game”. At the end of his astonishing career he was well known as one if not the best footballers ever. “The greatest player in history was Di Stefano. I refuse to classify Pele as a player. He was above that.” was a quote from Ferenc Puskas about how good pele really was.

Pele did not have everything easy such as racism. he suffered lots of racism but decided to ignore it, he became the king of football was welcomed everywhere. He married a white woman but that did not bring racism upon him because he was the king of football meaning it did not matter if you were black or white you could still do amazing things. He had racist comments made about him because of the fact he had dark skin but he did not let that get to him and soon after he became the greatest player of all time he was worshiped by many countries. when he first joined Santos FC the other team mates nicknamed him “gasolina” which is gasoline, the colour that comes from oil which is black like the colour of his skin as the new guy. many times throughout his career he had racist nicknames made about him which all related to the colour of his skin which were said in different languages. pele first denied that he suffered racism but he then admitted he had comments made about him on the football pitch such as “Crioulo” which means a person with african ancestry saying he is black or “macaco” which means monkey. But pele did not fight against the racism, he ignored it because he just wanted to focus on the game and not needing to worry about all the media up in his face about him suffering racism, so this is why he ignored it he did not want to make a big deal and it could have possibly became worse if he retaliated back. Pele carried on ignoring it and becoming the best player in the world there was no longer racist names or comments about him, everyone admired him.


He was one of the reasons football became so popular and grew as a whole as more people watched football because of Pele as they heard he was a young star. Since he played for so many teams like New York in the american league this sparked many americans to tune in and watch Pele. This shows how pele at such a young age with such great talent sparked the football world. In my opinion Pele showed that you can achieve your dream if you never give up even when you start out from the worst with very little hope of becoming a professional and all it takes is one trial which can start your whole career. This story has inspired many young kids around the world, living in the same sort of lifestyle whether they live in a poor place or lack resources or havelittle opportunities to become a professional footballer they have a chance to achieve what Pele did. If they put the hard work in and overcome the obstacles that are marking a boundary to a certain extent which they can only push and work for it, if they really believe they can go that one step ahead which can possibly start ones career.

In conclusion he came from nothing to one greatest footballers ever going out of his comfort zone at such a young age to play with and against men way older than him and then moving on to become one of the best players ever with many other struggles to deal with as well. He did not give up as he started out so small with nothing to work with but only his dad teaching him how to play and when the opportunities came he took it and excelled showing the sporting world you can go so far from starting with nothing. From today I hope you have learnt a valuable lesson to never give up even in the toughest times because you only get one shot, and that shot could turn your whole life around.



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  1. Weston, you have researched a good amount of information to support your points for this speech. Please read through this writing tomorrow in class and ensure that your meaning is clear across the sentences. You will then need to print off this writing to learn your draft 🙂


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