in chapter 6 the text explains the men attempting to get down the mountain but it as not as easy as they thought as they are faced with difficult situations and problems. at the start of the text it shows how simon is lowering joe of the cliff and this creates tension as simon is lowering joe is screaming in pain telling simon to stop but simon cant hear joe because of the spindrift building and the conditions causing simon to keep lowering joe at a past pass down the side of the mountain while joe is trying to keep his shattered knee away from the surface to prevent it from banging but he keeps getting caught as his crampons are catching the surface. sa the text progresses on it shows that this process must be done multiple times and simon starts getting very cold and gets frostbite on his fingers from sitting in the dugout seat as he lowers joe. while joe is in dreadful pain he tries to take his mind off it by thinking about something else as he is being lowered at a past pace as his leg is dangling away trying not to damage his shattered knee anymore.

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