1. language and writing styles or techniques were used to create an image in the readers mind about how bad joe injured his knee and this was displayed by descriptive language and hyperboles like for example when he has fallen and he is screaming because he is in imense pain as thougths rushing through his head thinking he was dead. joe says “my knee exploded” showing and creating an image that his leg is in a very horrible condition as he also says “it wasnt just broken it was ruptured, twisted and crushed stating that he had taken a very bad fall to cause this horrific injury. joe uses a number of sentences to create imagery such as the fireball rushed from his groin to his knee and bone grated this gives an understanding of what joe feels and builds up tension as he thinks he is going to die. joe says “everyone said it … if theres just two of you a broken ankle could turn into a death sentence” meaning joe imediently thinks he is going to die.
  1. the purpose of simons narration when joe shatters his knee shows how the relationship between the two men change and this is displayed through both characters giving two different views of the situation. its important to get simons narration because simon was the one who made the decisions and helped joe in this situation where he could have just left him showing how the relationship changes as simon believes in joe and he needs joe to carry on with him. i think that later on in the text when simon needs to make difficult situations he will think carefully and make the decisison to bring joe with him as he already saves him when he shattered his knee he might aswell keep joe with him and decide to bring joe through times when its tough because he needs joe to be there for company and joes help on making decisions as it will be hard to make decisions on his own and carry on on his own without anyone to talk to or to discuss things with.

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  1. Great, specific ideas here, Weston! Keep being direct and concise in your reflections. One area that you could strengthen is the final lines in these point paragraphs. I.e. What is the overall purpose of the combination of techniques used in task one? What is the reader’s overall understanding of events, thoughts, feelings, atmosphere and circumstances in this section of the text?

    Valid ideas were also presented about the purpose of Simon’s narration. Include supportive quotations to validate these ideas 🙂


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