30th October 2018

Creative Writing: Now and Then

before and after a earthqauke, hotel 


Then the green courtyard split by the pavement lead to the doors. The reception desk sat in the middle of the room, people buzzing around the building. I remember luggage bags being transported from the valet parking to the luggage elevator. On the second floor was the bar. The glass bottles filled with alcohol used to be stacked up on the flash shelf. I remember the bartenders rushing around serving drinks to everyone. Sounds of ice cubes being dumped into the glasses ring my ears constantly. The big glass windows viewed out towards the beach, from the neatly arranged tables. The red carpet lead up the spiral stairs to the third floor. Splashing and screaming little kids played in the pool as it was never not in use. The pool water slithered over the concrete tiles like a snake. The glass balcony was invaded by plants and pots. People came and went, to take in the amazing snapshot of the palm trees with the beach in the backdrop. Cool breezes of the air conditioner flowed throughout the building. The elevator ran non stop delivering people to their desired destination. The amount of people rushing around was ballistic


Now the caution signs scatter the premises with overgrown weeds and grass. The first floor is covered in graffiti. I stepped through where the doors would have been. The whole place is empty everything is gone. It had been a while after the earthquake. On the second floor the stench and stains of blood splattered around a one of the sturdy tables in front of where the big windows used to be but now just shattered into a million pieces on the floor. I realised it is so quiet now the only sound I hear is my steps. This floor always had a cold breeze coming through air conditioning but now the only breeze I feel is the one coming from the outside. The concrete structure gave me a cold and creepy feeling, as all I remember was a flash bar. Parts of the roof had gaven away and chunks of steel beams and concrete sat slumped into the floor blocking the entrance of the elevator. The marble concrete is the only remains still standing. The third floor is the gym and pool. I wandered my way up the spiral staircase to the outdoor area. The pool is empty and the place is trashed, the glass is shattered into a million pieces. I peer out to the balcony and it is on the verge of breaking off. I look over the edge and see plants and pots splattered below on the ground in a bundle. All I can see is danger signs and caution tape. Now after the earthquake its just me and the remains of the building. It feels like I am in a completely different place, but I am not

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  1. Weston, well done for including so many engaging images in this writing. It feels as though the second timeframe should be in present tense – what are your thoughts on this? You begin with “Now” so this would suggest that the action (and the observations) are in the present. Also, please read through this piece out loud to find where the necessary punctuation is needed.


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