1. the technical jargon is not always explained but is placed in context because as readers we have an idea of the climbing terms as we have heard them before revealing the words in the text without explanation as to what the words means. technical jargon is used to show people such as the climbers and places like the mountain and events like the storm. this makes us think when technical jargon is not used as much we have to think more about what taking place.
  2.  1. crampons- is a device that is attached to your shoes to climb in snow and ice to grip in with spiked bottom. these are important to this piece of the text for the two men to climb up the mountain gripping in with their boots into the ice. and snow 2. camming device- is a piece of climbing equipment which has 2-4 cams mounted onto a axle device. this is important to the section of the text by planting it in the crack of the wall to put pressure on the rock to break it. 3. cornices- is an overhanging edge of the ridge on a mountain. this is important to the text because it explains how dangerous cornices are on a mountain. 4. spindrift- is snow being carried with the help of wind or falling occuring during snowfall. this is important because it explains how they snow is falling and the spindrift is getting heavier as they are climbing. 5. ice screws- is a tubular screw used to run the belay rope through on the steep surfaces. these are important to the section of this text because it expains how they used the ice screws the day before to get them up the steep ice.

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