26th February 2018

tempting fate

  1. the relationship between joe and simon in this chapter shows that they must work together and trust each other in the situations they are put in. this relationship is strong because the two men are climbing together and making decsions together which either put them in life or death situations. the men have been climbing together and the relationship only gets tighter as they get closer and closer each day. the relationship in this chapter shows that joe and simon can deal with the situation working together and this is why the men are interdependent working and trusting each other because of there good relationship.
  2. the environment in this part of the climb shows various situations where the climbers must adapt to the problem put in front of them where they are in life or death situations. the climb and the environment require the two men to deal with the conditions of the mountain as they are put into danger causing the men to change plans and work with the mountains harsh conditions. as displayed in the book the men are faced with challenges and they overcome them by acting and taking care of the situation to continue on their journey. the environment in the climb is a tough and harsh climb
  3. the reader learns about joes previous experience climbing on the Bonatti Pillar on the south-side of Les Petris Drus explaining he was 12,000 feet up on a steep surface only about 100 feet away from the summit as he was struggling in the cold chilly wind and tiredness which relates to the similar situation as he is in with simon. this shows that joe has been in this situation before and from previous experiences he knows what to do and how the handle the situation correctly as he has been put through harsh conditions before and is a experienced climber.

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