20th February 2018

the role of the author

  1. these lines mean that the men who dream in the day make thee dreams come true because they are actually doing it in real life as in the people that dream in the night arent actually making it come true because when dreaming in the day you are actually making it come true. this meaning men who dream at night just visual it but men who dream in the day make the dream become reality.
  2. my impression of joe simpson is that he is very adventurous and has a good relationship with his fellow climbers. he likes being up in the mountains and seems like a good guy
  3. these lines tell me they had good relationship and that they got along well due to him saying he was an easy friend and that there were few other people he could have coped with so long. this shows they have a good relationship and have been friends for a while now and joe likes to have simon around when they are climbing. joe and simon also have good relationship becasue they are at the similair climbing ability and we learn that these two characters have a good relationship and they get along well.
  4. joe and simon describe richard as a man who traveled around own his own to see where unfamiliar countries would lead him to. this views richard as a laid back guy who likes to adventure at his own will as he is not so much a climber but more a traveler
  5. because if something goes wrong in the climb they might have to make their way back to the village which is far away or they have to stay in the place they are and deal with the problem for mean while until they can get back to the village because if they forgot something or had an accident or a storm came in these would be a problem for the climbers. 
  6.  I think that one of the main reasons as to why Joe keeps talking to himself when he is in the mountains is because, he is wanting to keep his mind busy so he doesn’t have to think about the stuff ahead of him e.g the climb upwards. Joe is a very independent man who is ready to face any challenge that comes his way. He has to stay motivated to be on top of things- “ Being motivated towards doing something will never kill you, it will only make your stronger.” This quote partly describes how Joe was focusing on other important things.

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