16th February 2018

what is included in this text

blackened fingertips represents an image that the characters have been out struggling in the harsh conditions causing the narrators fingers to blacken as they are out in to freezing cold. these images affect our understanding by representing the setting as showing the 2 climbers camping on the mountain in the horrible conditions. tiredness is shown in the text by explaining how tired they are by saying ”deeply” and also the vocabulary used to represent movements and actions by the climbers as well as the characters thoughts in their head are displayed out loud. these images represent by the text give us an idea on who is there, where are they on the mountain and what it is like on the mountain from the detail provided in this piece of text. this shows our understanding by realizing how tough it is for these characters.

specific vocabulary like “my blackened fingertips” gives us an understanding of the atmosphere around and displays how bad his fingers really are and also the character says “they were damaged” meaning his fingers had been affected by the harsh conditions they were climbing in he can no longer keep going and he must rest before climbing again. in the second paragraph the text is shown as the narrator speaking to himself about his thoughts about being free but he cant leave, this shows the narrator reading and talking to himself but displayed for the reader of this text to see and understand what the narrator is going through and thinking about.


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